Five Fabulous Ways to add a Cozy Fall Vibe

It’s so easy to add a splash of fall decor to any space.

Fall decor is seriously such an easy way to add a cozy vibe to your home.

My personal ALL TIME FAVORITE easy and budget friendly way to change up the look for fall is to add a throw pillow and cozy throw or blanket. I really enjoy making throw pillows from placemats or hand towels (and also you might like this post because it shared my thoughts when my sister was caught in the path of a hurricane a few years ago…not IAN).

Fall decor is everywhere. Whether you shop at a dollar spot or Walmart or Saks Fifth Avenue, it is so easy to add touches for each season. It’s super duper easy to add splashes of fall decor.

And anyway, who in their right mind doesn’t fully expect to prance into Saks and purchase cotton stalk blooms?

But before we get started decorating and all, did you know that according to a buzz feed quiz or some other “totally reliable” online source you can determine your personality based wholly on how you nibble corn from the cob? I mean, after all, these are important things to know. Right?

I tried to go back and find the quiz for you but buzz feed must have determined that it wasn’t an accurate personality test or something. I couldn’t find it. If you’re needing a little mental adjustment to be ready for fall, here’s this.

Aaannndd, I totally side tracked. Now back to business.

I wrote one post where fall just sneaked right up on me and caught me all of guard.

So let me tell you, can I be all about myself and say this year, yes, this year… I’m prepared. Now don’t laugh. I’m trying to stand straight and tall and all “grown up like”, like I’ve got it all together.

I’ve been perusing aisle six at Walmart looking at all their fake sage green pumpkins and plastic cotton stalks and the totally classy ivory daisies with glittery and beaded centers. Then there is the plethora of fall merchandise to obtain from the lovely venue of Amazon. I TOTALLY intend to be prepared for fall and bonfires and s’mores and hot cider…without running around like a crazy lady.

So I’ve got a plan to add splashes of fall decor as I go along. Then when fall is here, I’m ready.

Now in the nature of total honesty, I don’t plan to decorate with orange that screams at me in the dark, I’m leaning in to coral and navy blue here in the shop and soft yellow and ivory and sage at home…all with a splash of pumpkin spice if I do say so myself.

As the weather wears itself out toward chilly nights, I do find myself longing for the depth and texture of warm colors and earthy elements.

If you live in Indiana like I do, and not South Texas or a few degrees North of the Equator, it is highly likely you are sensing the change of season from summer to fall. And I’ve gotcha covered. I’m prepared. I’ve pulled together a list of five fabulous Items that will have your home saying “I’ll have an Autumn Spice Latte, please” in no time flat.

Are you up for it??? 5 simple items…here they are: apple spice candles, warm cozy warm blankets, seasonal throw pillows, soup simmering in the crock pot (this potato soup is a family favorite) and hot spicy apple cider.

See isn’t that easy?

Your home can be a haven of comfort and joy with the 5 simple elements to delight your senses.

What are your 5 favorite items to ring in a new season?


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  1. Oh, my! How many details I have forgotten – or never knew about – from that storm all those years ago! I wonder if you have any idea how helpful your lists were to me! And each bit of info given to me by all our family! When you’re in such a storm, it really helps having someone not in the storm to help you think things through! Thanks for the memories – and the laughs! I was laughing at you laughing!!! I don’t think I ever knew that part! Love you!

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