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When she said I'd lose my southern girl card
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Happy New Year!

I’ve enjoyed watching as we’ve scrolled through social media, discussing and posting our chosen word… “word” for the year… like EASY or MINDFUL or KIND. Oohhh, those are all so very good. “You know in a world where you can be ANYTHING, be KIND.” It’s EASY and MINDFUL to be KIND. I love new beginnings…

boy reading timberdoodle board book
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Board Books from Timberdoodle and the sweetest littles ever in the history of ever!

One fine day, we had books and toys and blankets all strewn about the living room and imaginative play consistent with a preschool boy and a huggable little baby brother was moving full steam ahead. When everything grew quiet, I realized he had dragged a lawn chair into the room. The legs of the chair…

That’s My Daddy!

That’s My Daddy!

Growing up the youngest of TEN siblings meant that you showed up when you were called. There was no dilly dallying. Hands were washed and hair combed and you found a seat at the table if you could! You just learned to fit in and pull your own weight. In our family if we ran…

strawberries by Tiffany
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Your Words Matter

When I first moved to Indiana, if I said, “I’m fixin’ to…” (do whatever it was, like go to the store, or get dressed or leave the building) I ALWAYS got a sideways glance with a raised eyebrow expressing… what does THAT mean? “FIXIN’ TO” So I changed the words I used, and the way…