Be A Fountain

Be a fountain, not a drain.

Have you ever gone hiking, you know, the really rugged kind of hiking?

The kind of hiking where you hiked past water fountains…or sat on the terrace steps, mesmerized as the misty spray danced before your eyes?

And have you shrugged your shoulders and grinned back from ear to ear at the ones hiking behind you, as you ducked under a water fall?

And have you hiked along the cobblestone sidewalk that meandered beside the little stream as your flip flops pitter pattered against the smooth surface?

 And have you looked for unique orchids and other botanical specimens growing underneath the glass domed roof?

I know it’s hiking of the worst kind.


But, I’m guessing that not one single time, on your hike around the Gaylord Resort and Convention Center, that you looked at your fellow hikers and said,

“Hey, let’s go find the drain!!”

Be a fountain!!!

P.S. Did any of that make sense?


Thank you for your visits and comments here.  Thank you for your valuable in put in this online space.  You are kind and smart and important.

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  1. It all made sense! You are a fountain to me and so many others, I’m sure! Love both this challenge and you!

  2. I enjoyed my hike with you around the beautiful gardens through and behind the waterfalls.
    Have a refreshing evening as you sit on the bench and relax.

  3. That’s fun! We were there several years ago for a homeschool convention! And yes, I went hiking around through the fake scenery and along the fake river. I didn’t think to look for the drain, though!

    1. Wait what, Karla??? You hiked in fake stuff??????? I did truly love all the botanicals and water features.

    1. Oh, yes Michele, I understand about not wanting to hike in the heat! This was indoor and cool and pleasant!!! You know, the hard kind of hiking?

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