Favorite Fall Soup Yummy Creamy Potato Soup

This delicious fall soup is a favorite in our family.

Aaaannnnd I’m basking.  Basking?  Yes of course, basking in the glow, of a compliment.

She told me my potato soup was THE BEST she’d ever eaten. And her “not so into potatoes family member” loved it too!

Just in case you may be thinking, “That doesn’t look like potato soup to me.” You’d be correct. That photo is gumbo, another family favorite…I just didn’t take a photo of the potato soup.

But back to the compliment….

Now she may have only eaten potato soup once before or NEVER!  But I’m just going to pretend like I didn’t think of that!

She wanted the recipe.

I’m warning you. This is so easy. You may not be able to stand it.  Here it is my dear.

Yummy Creamy Potato Soup
Dice one onion and saute it in oil  in a large stock pan until the onions are soft.
Peel several large potatoes and dice them.  I peeled 10 large potatoes for a large pot of soup.
Place the diced potatoes on top of the sauted onions.
Fill the stock pan with water until the onions and potatoes are just covered with water.
Let the water come to a rolling boil.  The potatoes will probably need to boil about 15 minutes.
Stir often so the potatoes don’t stick.
As the potatoes begin to soften, mash a few of them with your spoon against the side of the pan.
Once the potatoes are soft amd most of them are mashed and creamy add one can of evaporated milk.
If you dont have evaporated milk you can use half and half or whipping cream or regular milk.
But the night that the soup got rave reviews I had used evaporated milk.
Salt to your taste.
I had used a tablespoon of salt for this large amount of potatoes.
If it’s not salty enough it may taste bland.  Yeah, duh!  Why did I need to tell you that?
Remove from heat and serve.

This is delicious loaded with cheese or sour cream or anything else you desire. 

We love it with crackers.

That’s all there is to it!

One sauted onion

Plenty of potatoes for the crew you are feeding

Water to top of onion potato heap

Salt to taste

One and 1/2 cups milk of your choice.

When my family asks, “What’s for supper?” And I say, “Potato soup.”  They always say, “Yum!”

Do you like potato soup with crackers or bread?

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  1. Ooooh my GOODNESS!!! This soup is SOOOOO good, even without onions!!! This is my new potato soup recipe! Since I didn’t use onions, I cut some Canadian bacon up in it and just cooked it along with the potatoes. And I put a little chicken bone broth in for another layer of flavor before adding the milk. Soooo yummy!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe! We loved it!!!

    1. Esther, I’m so glad you loved this. My family absolutely loves it too and is never disappointed when it’s on the menu!

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