Miracles Do Happen…in case you need a reminder

Five things I learned about life

It is easy to lose hope,

and feel discouraged. Sometime you feel you’re hitting a wall at every turn.

Raise your hand if you relate.

Miracles do happen.

I wasn’t born last Tuesday…obviously since I’m at least 29… *sigh*

but if you’re not careful, life can blur into a haze and you’ll forget to see all the miracles around you every single day.

I purposed and determined that I would live in what I call “the way of miracles”: looking and searching for miracles, the EXTRA in ordinary moments, ordinary days, ordinary circumstances.

Every breath is a miracle, every baby, the stars hanging in space, the beach and ocean remain separated in spite of the ebb and flow of the tide, our nose is turned down instead of right side up…we could drown without an umbrella in a rain storm, the beauty of a smile, the orbit of planets and the rising of the sun…MIRACLES DO HAPPEN.

Should I go on?

Okay, I will. If you need just a little more convincing, I’ll share this miracle story.

How do I tell the story about five things I’ve learned (about life) from one so very tiny?

My cell phone lit up. The call was coming in.

I stepped from a meeting that had been pre-arranged to “pick my brain for ideas” .

Only five days old, our little Grand Miracle had completed the first official appointment with a Pediatric Ophthalmologist.

Answering my phone, I listened carefully as his sweet Grammie conveyed the diagnosis. I didn’t want to miss any of her words.

There were a lot…a lot of words. And questions.

“The bottom line,” she said, “is that they need to hold him close and stimulate all his senses. He’s only seeing splatters of light.”

splatters of light splatters of light splatters of light splatters of light

The words reverberated.

As I walked back into the room, no one suspected the news that just rocked our world. I felt my heart crack like someone had smashed a block of ice with a sledge hammer and split wide open into three throbbing sections, one piece broken for my son, one piece broken for my daughter in law and one for tiny baby Going. My heart raced and I felt the sensation of my pulse in my eardrums. I hid my trembling hands under the table and hoped against hope that I wouldn’t need to write anything in my notebook. I swallowed hard in an attempt to beat the tears and lump right back down my throat. I wanted to run gasping away from the table, from the people, through the glass doors, out to the car, and drive away from the diagnosis. I wanted to make it go away so no one would hurt or be sad or struggle.


I wanted to tell them, tell the meeting, “None of these ideas really matter much to me?”

…I proceeded to “give ideas”, to the expectant committee, as my mind wondered what lay ahead. And “the ideas” felt mundane and insignificant in the grand scope of life.

I thought about my son and his precious wife and the tender care they gave their sweet baby boy and I learned as I watched.

Five things I’ve learned (about life) from our Grand Miracle:

  1. TRUST THE POWER OF LOVE: He didn’t realize anything was wrong. He had everything he needed right there, swaddled in his parents’ love.
  2. STAY THE COURSE: He was fresh and new and ready to take on the world. There was no turning back.
  3. BE COURAGEOUS IN SPITE OF DIFFICULTY: He was tiny and fragile but he was strong and brave. He didn’t know to not be courageous.
  4. TAKE THE NEXT BEST STEP: He worked the plan. When it was time to eat, he ate. When it was time to crawl, he crawled. He pursued life with determination.
  5. WAIT ON GOD’S TIMING: He allowed God to work, because he really didn’t have a choice and the miracles come in unusual ways.

So today, he SEES!!! He wears darling little blue glasses and has ongoing check-ups with an amazing Pediatric Ophthalmologist. When I see him look at books and reach for his toys or respond to expressions, I know I’m witnessing a miracle.

I love seeing our son and daughter love their baby boy and love each other. I’m so proud of how they’ve navigated the challenges.

I never want to grow too old to learn.

Those are five things I’ve learned (about life) from our Grand Miracle.

P.S. Thousands of you have prayed for our grandbaby and continue to pray everyday. Thank you seems insignificant, but it is truly heartfelt.

I told about welcoming our adorable huggable loveable darling sweetest ever baby boy here.

P.S. I’m not prejudice at all. You’d agree if you could see him.

(Happy birthday sweet boy. I love seeing you see and thrive!)

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  1. This is a great reminder of God’s power & love!! Thank you for writing about this so we never forget and keep praying for him as he grows!

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