That’s When The Fight Started

That's when the fight started.

Remember when she and you sat up till 2 in the morning talking about boys?

You talked about the nicest boy at school.

And the cutest, the cutest boy…the nicest and cutest might have been the same boy…

And you’d laugh and giggle and stretch your palm and your middle finger would touch your nose

and you’d sigh and say “I know right” in a squeaky voice. And you’d compare smiles on Instagram.


And then you’d hear her voice saying, “Mom! Mom! Did you hear what I was saying?”

In that moment your eyelids fluttered open as you said, “Yes, sweetie, I heard you. I guess my eyes are tired.”

And remember how she said she wasn’t finished talking about this yet and she wanted to know about the first time your dark brown eyes fell on YOUR cute boy?

Remember? Remember that?

And you told her, “that’s when the fight started”.

The fight for love…because you purposed from the very beginning to not grow old and bored with each other and that’s when the fight started to keep love alive.

And remember how you told her that you’d lived long enough to really realize just how differently people think and react. Even a couple who has known each other well isn’t always going to agree.

And you told her that good relationships take a lot of work. They don’t just happen. They need to be nurtured. And good relationships need to be a priority. And the fight starts when you care enough to think of what the other person needs and wants and cares about.

Yes, remember telling her, “that’s when the fight started”… the fight for love?

And she sighed… and so did you.

And you said that it was time to go to bed and call it a wrap.

And you decided that when the fight started it was totally worth it to end up married to the cutest and niceest boy.

Yes!! Happy Anniversary to the cutest and nicest boy.

When these brown eyes first fell in THAT boy, that’s when the fight started… the fight for love.

Forever and always…

P.S.We were asked to write a book on marriage…hhmm, I don’t know…reckon we could stand the fight?

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  1. I remember the day, early on, when I decided having a great marriage was worth way more than whatever petty things we didn’t agree about. And it has been!

    1. Yes, Karla I agree completely. And the longer I live I realize just how differently 2 people can interpret the same experience… communication and grace to not agree and try to see the other’s point of view are key.

  2. Happy Anniversary! We celebrated our anniversary this past week. Fighting for love is so important. We meet later in life – after my husband’s first wife died from cancer – but I am so glad to have him in my life. Worth the fight for our love and to keep our love alive.

    1. Kristen, Happy Anniversary to you too. How wonderful that you both found love, even if it was later.

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