Happy New Year!

When she said I'd lose my southern girl card

I’ve enjoyed watching as we’ve scrolled through social media, discussing and posting our chosen word…

“word” for the year…


Oohhh, those are all so very good.

“You know in a world where you can be ANYTHING, be KIND.”

It’s EASY and MINDFUL to be KIND.

I love new beginnings and fresh lists and a good and early Monday morning to start the week off right.

And quite honestly, if there is something I want to improve or change, I just don’t exactly see the point in waiting till New Year’s Day to start.

I mean…yeah, I do, really, but why ruin a perfectly good holiday with a decision to make sweeping life changes

or monumental and miserable disciplinary tasks…

like dieting…or stopping smoking…not that I smoke, OR DIET for that matter…obvi…

Go ahead, RELAAAAXXX and enjoy the day and eat your black-eyed peas and boiled cabbage and hog jowl…

because December 28th or July 13 will work perfectly fine too for monumental changes.

OR next Monday morning works also.

But truly, it seems like when the new year rolls around “us HUMANS” want to jump from the “toy box” of the past year, into a new “fresh and clean box” in hopes that this year’s “toys” will be more fun AND easier to play with.

Yes, I know I was supposed to say “WE HUMANS”…not “us”.

It did sound kinda catchy though. Didn’t it?

Especially if you punched it with a little tiny bit of southern drawl.

And as I thought about all the resolutions that I COULD set, I just decided that I would be mindful to make the next best choice each day.

I’m sure there will be extraordinary moments.

Then I remembered when this happened and I thought maybe you’d like to “remember” it too.

Because, it’s highly likely you’ve already kicked your resolutions to the curb,

(I know it’s only been 20 seconds, but still) maybe you just need a new “delightful” perspective.

Remember the night you were watching Antiques Roadshow and you decided to SET some resolutions?

One by one the “treasure hopefuls” brought their wares to the antique curators.

And remember how they were full of eager anticipation to find the value of their keepsakes?

Oh good!! So you remember too! Come sit by me.

Let’s talk.

And remember that one sweet little lady with the wonderful southern drawl

who explained that her tall bronze clock was willed to her by her Fairy Godmother…

I mean…her Godmother.

She drawled that she really wanted to polish the old dull clock to a fine finish,

but the curator gasped and when he could breathe again,he said how glad he was that she had left the marvelous patina alone.

And so she sighed and exclaimed that she was indeed glad that she hadn’t polished it either.

Sigh. Remember?

Yes, there they sat at the table draped in dark blue velvet. The tall bronze clock, a sculpture depicting Athena, the goddess of wisdom, stood between them. The workings of a clock were molded into her midsection. The “treasure hopeful” listened with anticipation as the antique curator droned on and on about the probable age and history and finally the estimated value of the bronze sculpture clock.

“And at auction,” the curator exclaimed, “I would expect this clock to bring an estimated value of $4500.00!”

“Well, that is just simply delightful!” the elderly “treasured hopeful” said in soft whisper.

I know. Right??
Simply delightful indeed.

And right then and there, I purposed with that delightful word to set some resolutions!
I mean, didn’t you decide that too?
I decided right then and there I was going to change just one tiny little thing.

Over time, tiny little shifts can lead to monumental change,


I decided that I was going to begin to describe things as being delightful.

delightful: causing delight; charming

So there I sat on the sofa as the theme music for the  episode of Antiques Roadshow faded away.

And I told Tiffany I was going to start using the word delightful more.

“Or how about using wonderful?” she quipped.

But delightful…just think of all the possibilities!

This just may be the number one way to set resolutions.

As in:

It is so delightful that I can exercise today!

It is so delightful that I have a plate full of veggies to eat!

It is so delightful that the sun with rise in an hour and a half!

It is so delightful I am able to check off my To Do List.

It is so delightful to have clients to help today.

It is so delightful that I have a room full of keepsake items to organize.

Seriously, isn’t it amazing how fun your resolutions become when you use the word delightful?

So try it.

Flip through your notebook and find your list.

And right here, right now…ON NEW YEAR’s DAY…

…as you set your resolutions,

reword your list.

Hang it on the chalkboard by your back door, where you see it every time you come and go.

And look how much fun you will have checking off each delightful item.

Let me know how it goes.

And next year, those resolutions may just be worth $4500.00.

Isn’t that simply delightful?

Are you a resolution setter

or a word chooser

or a list maker…

or do you just take each day as it comes??

No matter what I’m sure it will be extraordinary.


Thank you for commenting and subscribing and sharing these posts. You’ve been with me every step of the way since 2008 when I first started blogging. I cannot say thank you enough for all the joy you’ve brought to this online space and my world. Happy New Year to you. I pray that life will be delightfully kind to you in 2022.

Did I just type 2022?


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  1. To say the least, I am delighted to have you for a sister! I love your perspective! I am a list maker and have such fond memories of marking things off our lists when we were growing up! Happy New Year!

    1. Ah, Esther. I’m I delighted you are my sister too. Weren’t those lists just the best? And to see how quickly we could get them done… and the add ons of the extra things that we did just so we could cross it off. 😄😄HNY to you too.

  2. What a delightful post! So many things to think about, consider, do, change and start doing.
    Have a wonderful, delightful day and New Year!

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