The First Man I Ever Loved

My heart didn’t skip a beat nor did I blush with dreamy eyes.

He was…and I was…Father and daughter.

He was the first man I ever loved.

In fact, some of my earliest memories are of seeing him kiss another lady before he left for work. He kissed my mother.

But he was the first man I ever loved.

I didn’t realize I loved my daddy. I didn’t know that feelings were called love.

Love just was.

With Daddy, I was safe.

With Daddy, I had answers.

With Daddy, I had whatever I needed.

With Daddy, I had a strong shoulder when I was tired.

With Daddy, I had an listening ear when I cried, even if he didn’t agree with me.

With Daddy, I had someone who could fix anything

and solve problems on which others turned their backs

and one who taught me to never give up when the going got tough

and to stay the course, seek truth and pursuit it, keep my faith and hold tightly to trust.

And I didn’t realize he was the first man I ever loved. Because love isn’t made up entirely of feelings.

Love is being and doing and giving and giving and giving more.

And it’s because Daddy was the first man I ever loved, that I learned what love is.

Daddy taught me love in action.

And when I fell in love with Philip…those feelings of romantic love…I recognized love that would never give up when the going got tough, love that would stay the course, seek truth, and hold tightly to faith and trust…

… because Daddy was the first man I ever loved.

Because of Daddy I’m surrounding by wonderful men…

…my husband, my sons, my sweet little Grand miracle, my Father in law, my brothers and brothers in law, my nephews..all amazing men.

I don’t deserve all these blessings of love.

Daddy’s been gone for years now. But I’m still reaping the benefits of all the love he sowed in my life.

And to think, I didn’t even realize he was the first man I ever loved.

Happy Father’s Day!

P.S. Never underestimate the power of an ordinary day and an ordinary life… lived in an extra-ordinary way.

And one more thing…it’s not lost on me that many girls haven’t had a wonderful father/daughter relationship. I know Father’s Day can be a day of tears and sorrow. Honestly, it was with hesitation that I shared my experience. If you didn’t have a daddy who lived love in action, if you didn’t have a daddy who showed you true love, if your daddy broke your heart…there is still hope. Your wounds can be healed. Your scars can become part of a beautiful story of redemption.

I am not a licensed therapist but I can direct you to quality resources if you are struggling today.

All because…of the first man I ever loved…

My daddy.

Gordon Wilson Easley.

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    1. Laurel, I am so sorry for this first. I know it is hard. Your daddy was such a wonderful and inspiring person!

  1. WOW! Again extra – ordinarily beautifully written. We did have a great father, I am so thankful for all he taught us and most important of God’s love for us.
    Yes, Happy Father’s Day Daddy !

  2. ‘Dad Easley’, as I called him, was a remarkable man and I am grateful for the daughter that he raised. The memories of him will live forever as his legacy is passed on to each new generation that follows!

    1. Aaahhh, thank you Philip. Great memories. One of my favorites is the first time he saw Tiffany. You handed your little new born bundle to him to hold. He quietly held her for a few minutes. When he handed her back to you he thanked you for giving him another granddaughter.

    2. Daddy was indeed an amazing man. One could write pages developing just that one sentence! I miss him! Thank you for sharing these memories!

      1. Yes he was amazing. I loved the word Philip used to describe him also…”remarkable”! So fitting. He didn’t realize he was amazing and remarkable.

  3. Aww, so sweet. It is amazing how much children see and pick up. I’m so glad you had such a great father as an influence. I love the impact my husband has on our kids.

  4. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself. I didn’t have my real Dad growing up. In fact, he died earlier this year. I never got to know him and only met him once in my life. However, I had an amazing male role model for my last few years before I became an adult. He made me feel important, special, appreciated, smart and loved.

    1. Jessica, it’s so true there are many aspects to fatherhood, and some are painful and difficult. I am so happy that you had a wonderful man to help you know how valuable you are.

  5. I was blessed with a wonderful daddy, too. We lost him 13 years ago to stomach cancer, and I still miss him so very much! Some say children tend to view God the way they view their fathers. Maybe that’s true. I’ve never doubted the faithfulness, goodness, or love of My Heavenly Father, just as I never doubted the goodness or faithfulness or love of my earthly father. He did a great job of pointing me to Jesus .

    1. Jennifer that is such a beautiful sentiment. I couldn’t agree more. I know I am blessed for this to be my experience also.

  6. This is really beautiful. I love your statement about reaping the benefits of the love he sowed.

    My father was less than great – he was an alcoholic – so my father-figure was my Grandpop. He died in 1994 – so long ago. I still think about him almost daily.

    1. Kristen, I am sorry about your Father. These things are hard to understand. I’m sure you appreciated your Grandpop.

  7. Those of us blessed as we are do tend to take it for granted. When things get tough I remind myself of what an amazing heritage I have. It’s truly an incredible gift!

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