I Left That Bad Boy at the Door

I left that bad boy at the door. We broke up!

I mean I really didn’t have much to do with the break up and certainly couldn’t stop it when he turned and waved audios…at the stroke of midnight.

2019, was his name.

And he wasn’t really nice to me or you either for that matter.

Wait! What? He broke up with you too…see he’s such a two timer!

Oh I know…

I’m always about counting my blessings and being thankful and grateful in all things…I really am…

but sometimes I just feels really really good to put the past behind, and turn a new leaf, and look toward the days ahead…

and say

“Happy New Year!”

to me,

and you

and you!

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  1. Yes, we said goodbye to 2019 too. It was a difficult year. Prayerfully now with 2020 “vision” we can and will focus more clearly on The Lord and all His blessings to us even during stormy times.
    A Blessed 2020 to you and your.

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