You Can Be the Change

We’d spent the night at the farmhouse.

Morning dawned cold and dark.

I lit the candles on the table,

hoping to shatter the chill,

and bring comfort. and cheer.

Pulling my phone from my pocket,

I decided to see what I could capture on my screen

by taking photos in the darkness.

The table had  Valentine décor

mixed in with the candles.

To my amazement

when I looked at the screen

after snapping a photo

on my phone,

I could see a ray of light extending

from the flame of the candle,

but when I looked at the candle,

lit on the table,

there was no beam of light visible

only a flickering candle flame.

Once again I looked at my phone screen,

and yes, there it was, the ray of light

extending from the candle.

It was only visible on the photo

of my phone screen.

Without the screen,

I couldn’t see the light.

With the screen,

there I saw the beacon,

the ray,

dispelling the darkness

that shrouded the table décor.

I stood there for a few moments mesmerized.

Why would  my phone capture the ray of light?

Yet to my naked eye it wasn’t visible..

It’s easy to feel like our world is filled with darkness.

I suppose truly it is,

with bombings and shootings and hatred and selfishness,


People seeking their own way,

their own expression


self gratification



without regard to consequence

or pain.

And as we stand and peer into the world chaos

our hearts feel desperate

without hope.

BUT there



And we can be the agents of change.

We can be the beacon,

to dispel the darkness.

We can be change.

We can make right decisions.

We can show kindness.

We can lend a helping hand.

We can pray.

We can show love.

We can compliment others.

We can speak a soft word.

We can bring change.

I am only one

and so are you.

If each one


to change


be changed


do what is right


for good

then we will begin to see the Light,

shining in the darkness.

Shining HOPE and LOVE and PEACE.

I will be the change.

Will you?

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    1. Yes, Tracy if only we could ALL be a positive change, what a wonderful world this would be. xo rachel

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