When Daisies Stop You In Your Tracks

When daisies stop you in your tracks…

well just stop!

The wind had just enough of a brisk breeze to flip my brown curls around and tickle my face and make the daisies dance a one-footed line dance, rooted deep on the hard soil dance floor of the flower bed.

As I rushed past my friend’s daisy patch to her door, I stopped quick in my tracks and whirled right around. There several hundred sun-kissed daisy faces smiled up at me.

Sometimes you find yourself looking over a four leaf clover. I told you about that here.

But then other times…

…when daisies stop you in your tracks

and smile so sweetly…

you just have to stop

shrug your shoulders, squint your prettiest squint and smile sweetly back.


A baby blue butterfly fluttered from smiling bloom to bloom,

and I tried ever so desperately to snap a photo of it mid-flight to capture the brilliant color of its’ delicate wings.

Realizing my attempts to capture the color were futile, I began to observe the path of the butterfly.

I settled in (as much as you can settle in while hunched over a patch of daisies),

and I lingered in the glow of the smiling audience of daisy faces looking up at me expectantly.

Slowly and methodically the butterfly tiptoed around the center of the daisy face, dipping its’ microscopic needle like tongue deep deep into the recesses of the yellow field of nectar.

The butterfly drank deep.

The wind blew…the blooms shuddered…the butterfly drank deep…

the sun beat down…the lady with the brown curls moved in closer to get a better view…

un-phased…determined…the butterfly drank deep.

Do you feel the shudder of the wind and the heat of the sun and the tousle of your hair on your face? Do you feel the pressures of life settle in~

you know~ to get a better view of YOU?

Wherever you are,

whatever life sends,

when daisies stop you in your tracks,

drink deep my friend

and shrug your shoulders, squint your prettiest squint and smile sweetly back.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Rhonda. Just looking for ways to stop and smell the roses…’er… daisies?!

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