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When I first moved to Indiana, if I said, “I’m fixin’ to…” (do whatever it was, like go to the store, or get dressed or leave the building) I ALWAYS got a sideways glance with a raised eyebrow expressing…

what does THAT mean?


So I changed the words I used, and the way I said them, sorta, kinda

For years, I’ve told Philip, “People don’t hear the words we say, people hear what they THINK we are saying.”

Roll your eye-balls up in your eye sockets where you can really THINK and contemplate that thought…


I might not be wrong.

I’m rarely at a loss for words.

Well, SOMETIMES I am. But rarely.

What is more common for me, is that I don’t necessarily say aaallll the words that I think.

I don’t voice all my thoughts.

I don’t say all the words.

I mean, what’s the point?

My mother taught me years ago:


If it can’t pass through those 3 gates, don’t say it!

Once words are spoken, they are in the air, wafting their way along, never to be retrieved.

Sometimes words just stick in my brain, circling and circling like an old record player, stuck with a broken needle…until I put a stop to the flow of circling thoughts.

Other times words well up in my eyes and puddle like a pond freshly filled from summer rain, on the water line of my lower eye lids and just sit there, held back by eyelashes.

At times words jam up like a tight fist ready for the next punch and pound down the back of my esophagus like rain drops of unshed tears.

But the words I mean and truly hold dear, that I want to be carried on the wind…

forever and always…

these 3 words…


I will always.

So tell me, do you say “I’m fixin’ to”? …or do you say aaaalllll the words that you think?

And “I’m fixin’ to”… bring more words!???

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        1. PSE, I know what you mean about words not coming easy…I think sometimes we don’t know how to formulate thoughts into words that will resonate.
          And that’s perfectly fine. We don’t have to say aaallll the words!?

  1. That’s a good question. I don’t know if I still say fixin’ta. I suspect maybe not, for the same reason you don’t. But you know what, I bet I’m fixin’ta start again!

    People around ,here claim I have a southern accent, and I notice it getting stronger every time we’re in Arkansas.

    Funny story: We were in Meador’s in Alma a few weeks ago. The cashier man asked, “Do you want a sack for that?” When we got in the car I asked Lyle if anyone had offered him a sack before. (Around here they are called bags.) I told him it was time for him to learn a new language!

  2. ???Karla!!! How fun! Yes, a new language for sure! They are bags here in Indiana too!… unless they are referring to paper, then it’s a sack. I think??

  3. I don’t get around the blogs much any more, but always enjoy your words of wisdom. The older I get in my 9th decade, I find it much easier to say the words I want in writing, rather than in speech. Modern technology has aided me in my communication skills with my grandchildren. It gives me time to think through my words of wisdom to make them more palatable.

    1. Sally, I ALWAYS appreciate your visit to my blog and I am so honored that you take time to stop and leave kind words of wisdom. I’m sure your grandchildren appreciate it also.

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