Why Do We Believe the Lies?


I almost didn’t post this photo when I noticed a bug had greedily munched a hole right through one of the petals. And then I stopped dead in my tracks and asked myself, “Self? Why do we believe the lies?”

Isn’t that stupid of me?

In a whole flower bed of flowers, why focus on one blemish?

The flowers are all beautiful, each in their own way.

But hello!!!

According to Someone, whoever Someone is, everything has to be perfect and photoshopped.

Why do we tell ourselves these lies?

Once you see it, you can’t UNSEE it.

We do the same thing to ourselves.

You’ll probably enjoy this song by Lauren Daigel, “You Say”.

Why do we believe the lies?

We pick out one thing about ourselves

OR 67

and focus on those.

And we compare…

and we deem ourselves unworthy

or unfit

or not enough

and we hide.

We hide our beauty and talent and purpose behind ALL THE LIES.

Why do we believe the lies?

The negative messages we tell ourselves are everywhere.

Sometimes I feel like I’m being chased by a blood thirsty lion, just waiting to sink its ivory fangs into my throbbing heart, and squelch the last beating pulse of life from my dreams and emotions and energy.

The truth is:

YOU are beautiful.

If you FEEL ordinary…you still have EXTRA.

You are EXTRA.

You have the EXTRA that only you can give.

There will always be some one prettier




Why do we believe the lies?

The only one that can be “EXTRA ordinary you”…

is YOU!


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  1. Great article. I was lucky. I was taught from very young never to care what others think. Every time I see a parent tell a kid that other kids will not like them or laugh at them, my blood boils.

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