When She Said I’d Lose My Southern Girl Card

big bows are awesome

Amy Claire found out I grew up in Arkansas. She looked at me with her eyes opened wide with a surprised expression. Slowly with emphasis she said, “I’ve been down South. If I remember correctly it’s really different down there from up here.”

Well yeah, it is really different.

In fact. “down South” there’s an expression that’s commonly used:

“The bigger the bow, the closer to God.

Or, the higher the hair, the closer to God.”

If this doesn’t make sense to you…

message me…I’ll explain.

Or google “homecoming mums”.

That’s all you need to know.

But let it be said, that “down South” yes, things are done differently.

In fact, the other day one of my best Southern friends, told me that if I wore a tacky outfit to a certain extremely casual occasion, I’d lose my Southern Girl card.

The audacity!!!

To think that she would suspect that I own anything tacky!

*smiles plants forehead in palm*

She went on to say that the Southern Girl Police would come and take my Southern Girl card and I wouldn’t be allowed to say y’all or eat watermelon or make lemon ICE BOX pie.

I didn’t dare ask her if I’d still be allowed to fry chicken or make corn bread or say bless your sweet heart.

I didn’t ask her if I’d still be allowed to say fixin’ to or all y’all or usta-could.

Nope. I just slapped my hand across my mouth and didn’t dare let those questions escape.

Kept the questions right to myself, I did.


I just assured her I wasn’t about to show up in anything tacky.

So now you know.

And don’t ever forget:

“You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

(Quote: Kathryn Stockett)

Never EVER forget your worth.

Do you think I should have to give up my Southern Girl card?

Ok good! Me neither!

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