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Why are you paralyzed?

“Mom, do you want this composition notebook?” she asked. “Because, I’m not going to need it.”

I took the notebook that appeared to be completely empty and I’ve used it for a specific project all summer. Near the back few pages, I unexpectedly found several filled with inspiration, from my teenager’s heart.

I thought the notebook was empty until I found a few pages of ponderings.

If you grew up on the second pew, piano side…sorta…like I did, I’m sure you’ve heard the application of “Ask, Seek and Knock and the door will be opened”.

However, I’ve recently been mulling this concept around in my thoughts. You find exactly what you focus on.

Sometimes, it takes years to find what you’re looking for. Other times, answers come quickly.

The key is to stay the course, be consistent, keep seeking.

-If you ask, seek and knock… look for joy, that’s what you’ll find…

-If you ask, seek and knock… look for friendship, that’s what you’ll find…

-Likewise, if you ask, seek and knock…look for sorrow… that’s what you’ll find…

List the positive. List the negative. What you focus on is EXACTLY what you will see.

I could have focused on the thistles in the flower bed, but I chose to see the beauty of the Monarch butterfly.

You generally find what you are looking for.

The following quote copied from my daughter’s unneeded notebook is the intellectual property of Ariana Dancu, but I thought about my girl focusing on positive to encourage herself and others…encourage me… encourage you!

“She made broken look beautiful AND strong look invincible.” (Ariana Dancu)

You find what you’re looking for… what are you focused on?

Ask, Seek, Knock

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  1. Oh, wow! How powerful! And just what I needed to read today! Thank you for sharing! Love your sweet girl and her momma!

  2. It makes me sad to see people “wallowing in their misery.” Yes, life can be hard. Very hard, at times. But if we don’t ask and seek and knock we never will rise above the challenges.

    I don’t know why it amazes me because it works practically every time, but when life gets hard if I can just remember to meditate on scripture (quoting memorized verses to myself, or re-reading passages that have encouraged me in the past) I find it makes everything just a little easier. It doesn’t make life any less hard, it just makes my mindset a little brighter.

  3. I really like this observation you have given, Rachel, it’s so true. It’s easy to have a negative focus when things aren’t going so well, especially if a long time is involved. I’ve always loved the Ask, Seek, Find promises in Matthew and have clung to them in times of trials. Just last night I was reading James 4:2 – you have not because you ask not. Not even 24 hours later I read what you say – focusing on either the positive or negative will get the one you focus on. The spoken word is important here and we must be positive, no matter how we feel.

    What a blessing to have a daughter who is so positive! Thank you for sharing the notebook with us as well as your words of wisdom!

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