2015 I Have Some Words for You

Let me tell ya, 2015,

I was just getting used to you

and all your candid adventures.

I was just getting used to the way

you looked around our house.

You sure packed a punch,

filled the year full to the brim and running over.

 You brought a lot our way,

the births and deaths and weekends away and engagements and family reunions and missionary kids abroad and graduations from the university and celebratory parties and awards and summer break and a new school year and birthdays, AND ANNIVERSARIES!! a really big important anniversary!! with my favorite fella! and dinners served to foreign dignitaries and tears for heartbreak and laughter for joy and sweat for hard work and sighs at the end of the day, and soft velvety kittens and rambunctious pups, and sips of good cold Dr. Pepper and huge bowls of popcorn and wedding dresses and flowers and décor for blushing brides and help for elderly friends and chats with friends and family and thankfulness for a roof over our head, and flowers, and blooming trees and falling leaves and winter’s chill and Thanksgiving  and Christmas and love and hope and trust

and Presence and Provision and Peace

 and a NEW YEAR!


You packed us up and shipped us right into 2016.

 Without a thought you just plopped us right down

in a new and a happy year.

But hey, 2015,

do you remember me telling you

that we are never without hope and love and faith?

It doesn’t really matter what you brought our way,

as long as we learned and grew and loved.

  It really doesn’t matter that you didn’t want to stay around

so very long…

that you just kinda pitched us out on our ear

because you were done with us..

We’ve stepped into our high heel shoes

and we are movin’ on.

  We’ve made choices

to love, to share hope, to share faith to share trust.

And we choose to make it a good year.

So Happy New Year, 2016!

It’s so very good to see you!

We are steppin’ up

and movin’ on.

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