Was it YOUR Best?

Just do your best.

Mother raised me on those words.

To my “perfectionisticly”

fragile soul,

(yes, I’m pretty sure perfectionisticly is a word but if it isn’t it should be, just say you  saw it HERE first)

those words freed me

in so many ways.


my best

isn’t necessarily perfect,

in fact,

not much is perfect.

I was thinking about that phrase earlier

and putting it through the filter of today’s responsibilities.

What will my best be today?

We had a two hour school delay

due to inclement weather,

so that changed the course of plans.

But I can still give my best.

I can be flexible and let my best fall under flexibility.

I can still be kind.

I can still reach out to others.

I can still follow through on tasks

as much as my new schedule allows

and know at the end of the day I gave it my best.

What is your best?

Maybe it’s to just get out of bed.

To take the first step across the room.

Maybe it’s just saying “NO”

this time

in this moment

 to a temptation

that takes you down.

Maybe it’s your first baby step to  a new you.

Or just simple staying the course…

being faithful,


dependable and reliable.

Why do we compare

what we know is  our best

to someone else

and what appears to be their best?

So here we are.

I’m trying

to give today my all.

It isn’t perfect,

but it is my best.

How is your day?


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