Is THAT true? and things I love about the Samsung Galaxy S8+

Do you text a lot?

I do.

(I now have a Samsung Galaxy S8+, but not because I wanted it…initially at least.)

Isn’t it the most amazing thing to have technology to text?

I wish there was such a thing as texting or facetime when my mother was living…

OR when I was dating Philip!!

That would have been so stinkin’ aaahhhhmmaaaazing!

The phone I grew up on in the Northwest Arkansas mountains was a party line.

I know right?  And I’m not that old!


But poor dear sweet Mrs. Drush.  God bless her sweet memory. I do think it drove her crazy when Philip would call me on the party line though.

OH and Snapchat…

what in the world???

Social media makes our fancy cordless phones

from back in the day look


like antiques. I guess.

Then there’s this new app out that we were talking about on the way to school this morning.

Let’s see…hhhmmm,

I forget what it’s called

but people can send you messages and then you can like them (the messages…not the person)

or whatever…

like facebook, but not,

because you know…only OLD people use facebook.

Well..”THEY DO! Facebook is just for OLD people”, they say.

(Whoever they is)


For a while I was having trouble with my phone.

It would just lay on the counter and shudder over and over and over.

And the black screen would flash white letters:


Shudder shudder flash flash,

until I could take it no more.

My high-heeled self and my husband walked into the phone store.

I desperately wanted my phone FIXED.

For me, it’s all about the camera…

and to date,

I hadn’t found a phone that had a camera that compared, in my opinion,

to my camera on my Note4.

So nope! I wasn’t changing…because it’s ALL about the camera..

So I sorta dug my high heels in and flipped my brown curls…sorta…but not really…

and as you would know, the solution was a new phone. So I reluctantly chose a phone, realizing that all the photos to customers and contracts would need to be transferred also.

When it was time to transfer the contacts and photos and texts (meaning contracts etc.) and such,

the tech said, “Uuhhmmm, do you need ALL your texts?  You must have a lot of photo texts. There are 77,000 texts on here and it says it will take 24 hours to transfer just the texts.  Everything else can be transferred in an hour and a half.”

Shaking his head sideways, “That’s actually a store record for texts and transfer time. Whew! 24 hours!

Don’t you know that thrilled me right down to the tips of my high heel shoes to realize that I had come so very close to amazing!  I had set the store record for most texts.  What an accomplishment!

And in despair I bowed my head,

“there is no hope, for all those texts,” I said.

I just wonder what he would have told me about the pictures if I hadn’t already downloaded all 6,000 of those to my computer.

Because you know, isn’t it normal to say,

“Where’s my camera, I need to make a call?”

Especially when it’s all about the camera.


Live, Laugh and Love

and take a few pictures and send a text.


P.S. I’m adjusting to a new camera, learning the new edit features and I think I’m gonna love having it handy to make calls and send texts!  There are some new edit features on the Galaxy S8+ that the NOTE4 didn’t have.  There seems to be more control over the cropping and maintaining the true colors in the picture when you are trying to bring light to the background.

AND no Samsung isn’t paying me for my honest review…but I suppose I could ask…

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  1. Love, love, love❣️❣️❣️
    Finally someone who saves more than me!! ?
    Can’t wait for the hubs to know someone with more saves than me! (He was unbelieving that I had over 5,000 saved pictures+! ?). Of this 5,000+ includes my new addiction of “saving” my stories from FB Memories…my journaling! Love you “kindred spirit”!
    Always enjoy your words!

  2. Rachel — Thanks for stopping by my blog — I always enjoy our annual???? visit! Your old phone was worth it as your pictures have always been great. I think I’m due a new phone, but dreading it. Technology is not always kind to this 78-year old. Yes, I do facebook and text constantly, as it is the best way to communicate with teenage grandchildren — just the facts without the drama. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Sally

    1. Oh Sally, It’s wonderful to hear from you. Your posts on your blog are always so interesting. I love to hear stories and see items of times past. I’m proud of you for staying in touch with text. My mother in law does also! I know if my mother were living she would love it too. Take care.

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