An Oasis at Home

One of the things I love about blogging

is the networking of bloggers

who share common goals and passions.

This month of October,

I am participating in a Writing Challenge.

You will find other bloggers

and many topics that you may enjoy following,


And I won’t even mind

if you so choose to follow along with me

as I share some tips that I have cultivated

in creating a peaceful and harmonious home

(an oasis)

for my family across the years.

As I decorate for clients,

it is very common for them to ask for advice

on how to solve one frustration or another,

related to décor or the practical function,

of their home.

Several of my thoughts

in regard to a plethora of questions

that I am often asked, will be shared here.

Those of you who’ve believed in me

and have asked for my services are my inspiration.

 And I love you for that!

Well…and I love you for other reasons too,

but you know!

You drive me to continue to pursue excellence.

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