Some Days are Ordinary with EXTRA!!


All the way back to the very beginning…

Julie Andrews says that’s a VERY good place to start.

But today’s not that day, because

some days are ordinary with EXTRA!!

There is SO MUCH beauty in ordinary, because then it doesn’t take very much effort to see the EXTRA!!!

All across the years, YOU my clients and readers and friends and family have opened your homes, and invited me into your events, and told me your stories, and trusted me with your priceless keepsakes, your wedding dresses, your flowers, your prom dresses, and your tiny tattered laces and your teary-eyed mothers and daughters.

I don’t take one tiny bit of that for granted.

The confidence you’ve placed in me has been humbling and I can’t thank you enough.

It is NOT ordinary…it is most certainly EXTRA.

You know I believe when you take action, it brings clarity and vision.

I also believe that the bad and good get mixed up together and the only way to separate it is to change your perspective and focus on the good.

Focus on the EXTRA that is all inside the ordinary.

And so things are changing around here. A lot happened last year…and before that, if I’m being brutally honest, really. I’m taking action for clarity and vision for the scope of projects that will flow through my shop and worksphere.

I love each and every one of you. All of you who read and comment on the posts and pages have become an amazing “tribe”. Some of you I meet on the street or in business places…around town or the places I go…and you encourage me along…to keep on…and I love you for it.

It’s not ordinary…it is EXTRA.

So I have this teeny tiny embarrassing confession to make.

I’m really not so super great with computer code and plug-ins and widgets.

I’m really pretty ordinary…really ordinary…

but I want to be EXTRA!!

I’d much rather be twisting ribbon and stringing beads and attaching lace and staging a room and splashing floral color from table to table, and looking you right in the eye and telling you how special you are, and how your story brings joy to my heart and that I don’t think for one tiny minute that you are ordinary…you are EXTRA…so EXTRA!!!

And this week has been the week for me to be a little EXTRA in the ordinary…

AND here’s the embarrassing part. I was being all big girl…and EXTRA…and brave…and stretching all outside of my comfort zone…and EXTRA!



I deleted ALL my subscribers to this website.

Can you believe it??


That might include you!

~face palm and whimper~

So if you were once subscribed to this blog,

would you be ever so kind and re-subscribe??

Thank you so much for liking and commenting and subscribing the way you have in the past. I have never taken your visits here for granted.

I tried to make it really easy for you to subscribe again.

Some days are ordinary with EXTRA!!!

because of you! You’re EXTRA!


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    1. Aaah, thank you so much Babe! You’re always my encourager and I LOVE you for it! I hope I get all my subscribers back too! xoxo1437

    1. Oh Pallie!!! That is such a sweet thing to say. And I love you too, more! I’ll keep writing, so keep reading xo

  1. I’m back ! You do much better than I do at computer stuff. I would say you are EXTRA in the ordinary! Your post are always so inspiring.
    Love you!

  2. Hi Rachel, Thank you for this post. See beauty in the ordinary is my instagram name. Sometimes its hard to see beauty and be thankful for the ordinary. I subscribed to your post again, i truly enjoy reading your words of wisdom.

    1. Tommie, that’s awesome!! I will find you and follow you on Instagram. What a beautiful name for your account! Yes it is hard sometimes…

    2. And, Tommie, thank you for all your kind words and support all across these years. It means so much!

    1. Thank you so much for “re-subscribing”. I have appreciated your support across the years. Love you too.

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