Did March Come in Like a Lion? and 5 Things to Do to Be Ready for Spring

tulips for spring

Did I hear you say, that if March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb?

Oh good! I thought I overheard you say that.

Not that I was trying to listen in or anything…it’s just that I’ve heard that misery likes company or something. Yes, something like that.


come over here and sit by me in the ‘I’m All Ready for Spring Club’.

It snowed here in Indianapolis yesterday. It was a fluffy blowing snow and the sky was dark and dismal and wintery.

Which sadly is typical for Indianapolis in the winter…the dreary and dismal part.

And the snow fell in swirls and when it landed it sort of melted and made things wet, but still white and snowy.

It was sort of mucky and slushy and still white and snowy.

And I heard sighs and groans and words like,

“I’m so sick of this cold.”

“I HATE snow!”

“When will it ever be SPRING?”

So apparently there are quite a few gathered over here in the

‘I’m All Ready for Spring Club.’

because I heard several people uttering these very words.

And this morning, Tiffany wanted to know if having snow yesterday meant that March had come in like a lion, because…we really are ready for that “little-lambie-part”.


And you know wasn’t Christmas just like maybe 2 weeks ago?

The year is absolutely flying past. The first day of Spring will be here before you know it!

So, if you’re standing over here with me in the

I’m All Ready for Spring Club‘ and you’re really hoping that March, came in like a lion because you’re really ready for it to go out like a lamb…well then here are 5 things you can do in the meantime.

Ready? Ok!

Ready . Set . Go!!!

Only 3 WEEKS and counting!

squeeeeeee!!!!! Happy Dance!

5 things to do to get ready for Spring:

all brought to you compliments of the…

‘I’m All Ready for Spring Club’

  1. Light candles in your house or diffuse lemon or citrus oil to bring a fresh scent into your environment. The aroma will lighten your mood. One of many uses of lemon essential oil is to ease stress, anxiety and depression. The dark gray days of winter can certainly cause depression.
  2. Go through your home with an empty laundry basket and pick up any items that you could donate to a homeless shelter. Other people can be blessed with the things that you no longer need and your living space will feel more open and inviting.
  3. As the days warm up, open a window in your home to let the late winter breeze flow through your rooms for a few minutes. The fresh air will invigorate your senses.
  4. If you still have Christmas decorations up, now would be a good time to take those down. If you still have totes of decorations stacked on the front porch, get those moved to storage.
  5. Once the Christmas decorations have been taken down and the totes are moved off the porch, sweep the porch so it will be ready for hanging baskets, wreaths, pillows and porch furniture.
  6. OH! and one more…sip on lemon tea!

Then, before you know it Spring will have sprung…

and who knows it may even go out like a lamb!

And um, would you mind if I have another cup of lemon tea? Please?


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  1. You knocked the ball out of the park again!
    March for sure did not come in here as a nice sunny lamb!
    I too have joined the I’m Ready for Spring Club! I’m sure it will be here soon, it always does!
    I will have a cup of lemon tea with you.

    1. Well Donnie, it will be fun to see if March goes out like a Lion then there! I guess lemon tea is very healthy! We can drink some on the porch!

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