Just Go On Down the Road


Scars can define you…for good or bad.

Scars make you stronger or bitter.

And bitterness will eat your soul.

So be stronger. Be bigger.

When you’re in your comfort zone you usually feel safe and in control.

But dream bigger. Be bigger than that.

I learned a long time ago that when people treat you badly it says more about them than you.

So keep being kind, I guess. Just go on down the road.

I have seen some of the most generous and kind and loving people, treated badly at the hands of others or their circumstances.

And they just keep being kind, I guess. They just go on down the road.

Generally people are drawn to light, so why spread darkness, or be around those who put darkness in your soul.

Your circumstances don’t need to define you. When you have your mind and your heart set on a true focus and purpose, your circumstances are only temporary. It is only a matter of time until one good choice after another, a new day dawns.

Your pain, your adversity, is pushing you to a new place. So press into it.

Your pain, your adversity, is giving you new perspective.

See the light. Focus on your purpose and your dream

And just go on down the road.

If you didn’t feel the pain, if you didn’t have the scars, you wouldn’t know just how far you’d come.


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  1. I love these bits of insight you sprinkle into my day!! God sends them right from your heart into mine…thank you for your transparency and willingness to share! I know your days are hectic and chaotic-but you still take the time to give us the gift of your special words. I love you-and your words!!

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