More Than One Reason for a Merry Christmas

When we lived out at the farmhouse, each Christmas tree was decorated with a theme, but I never put decorations on this particular tree. Just lights, only lights, and I loved the cozy glow.

In the night, in those pondering hours, all the colors, the sparkle, the different facets and reflections of light, made me think of the days gone by and the days ahead.

I can’t change the past.

I can only hope to shape the future by living well now. 

We don’t get repeats, or chances to make up for lost time or past regret. 

One year on Christmas eve we took a gift to a person we feared would have no contact with anyone on Christmas.

And just this morning a man told me his sad sad story.

The “story” was probably a grand total of 10 sentences. But those 10 sentences wrote a book in my heart.

I was stunned, almost rendered speechless.
I had never heard such a real life story. 
And once again I realized that we never know the pain that crouches just below the surface of quick wit or the grief hidden in a smile. 

I’ve heard of so much sorrow this Christmas season.  And my heart has ached.

I wish I could rewrite their story with the stroke of a pen and the flourish of my hand and make it pretty.

But a baby,

a baby came,


and frail. 

He was laid right down in the middle of all our messes.

Yes, my messes.

My heartache, my darkness, and pondering.

And YOUR messes too.

Your heartache, and darkness and pondering. 

The baby, the helpless and frail baby, was strong and HE was mighty.

And with the stroke of three nails,

with a flourish his hands and feet,

he rewrote my story!

And he rewrote your story too!

You may not think it looks very pretty, but he wrote it to bring peace. 

Peace for me,

Peace for you,

Peace for all!

“You and I may be hard pressed on every side, but we are not in despair, abandoned or destroyed”. 
2 Corinthians 4:8

And so there really is more than one reason for a Merry Christmas!

I will celebrate with joy.

 I will pray more intensely with thanksgiving.

And I will keep your stories close to my heart.

 Merry Christmas!

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  1. So beautifully written.
    Love your decorated trees and the glowing lights coming from them. They are the most beautiful in the dark.
    In the darkness of evil is when JESUS, came to bring Peace and Light. A very Blessed Christmas to you and your.

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