Creating a Physical Oasis at Home

Do you love your home?

Hopefully, your home is the place where you spend your nights,

and evenings,

and if you are really lucky your days?

I LOVE to cook, and decorate, and entertain,


pamper my family.

I’m in a fun little euphoric element when I’m right there…

in the middle of home-life..

You can read books about




painting the walls

sewing slip covers


on Pinterest

9 million ways to decorate Christmas trees

and sew bohemian style window valances

but I’m just here to help you with what you have,

in the place that you find yourself right now,

to create

a physical oasis right at home.

When I am helping clients with their homes,

the questions I am most asked are:

What can I do to make this space LOOK better?

(also stated: “What ideas do you have for this  area right here?

I just don’t know what to do with it.”)

What can I do with my clutter?

How can I make this area work (be more comfortable) for my family?

In my next post I’m going to talk about what to do with clutter,

because that seems to be a huge area that

bogs (pun intended) us down,

and holds us back

from truly enjoying home.

And no, it won’t involve 3 boxes labeled with:

save, donate, and throw away!

Whew! You can sigh relief.

…see you’re sighing…

But anyway, ain’t nobody got time or energy for that right now!

Not the sighing…but the 3 labeled boxes…no time.

And besides,

you can read all about that in books and on Pinterest

and 9,500 steps to ridding your home of every last piece of anything.

(It sorta looks like I’m stuck on large “9” numbers today.)

But that’s not what I’m talking about here….

the boxes and stuff and getting “rid-of”…

Because, that may not be your life’s reality right now.

You may be needing a quick fix for a long term problem,

that needs some on-going care

(we can talk about the on-going care later)

but, this may just be the quick solution you are looking for.

However before I dodge out of here,

let me ask you,

what do you struggle with

in making your home a physical oasis?

I’ll look forward to hearing from you in the comments,

and join you next time as we discuss…


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