An Oasis at Home: Your Emotions

When you pull into your drive,
or step off the elevator into your apartment hallway,
or raise yourself up to the last step onto your porch,
or wipe your feet from following a dusty path,

or push open the beveled glass door of your spacious home,
or unlock several security bolts,
or pull back the curtain to the
entrance of your tent,

whatever your method of arriving at home,
do you sigh?

Do you?

What are your emotions?
Do you ever consider your emotions about returning home?

Is it a sigh of contentment

My sister’s home burned to the ground,


with nothing left,

their family pets,


on Christmas Day.

That was many years ago .

Her family stayed with my parents until they got another home.

But it wasn’t really adequate for their needs.

I remember helping them move there

and my sister lying in bed crying,

my heart  breaking for her.

Nothing was right

or adequate

or even familiar for that matter.

Everything was new,

even if it was old.

I had only been married a few years

and had a little toddler in tow,

but there I was…

trying to arrange furniture

and clean

and encourage her that if she could create good experiences

it would become home

and a good place to be.

Life comes and goes

but I still stand by my opinion,

as I did then,

that home can be our oasis,

our place of peace and harmony.

But anything good,


takes work.

If you desire it

you can develop and create it.

So many of life circumstances play into our emotions
about home
as an oasis…
a place of peace and harmony.

Think about these two questions and fill in the blanks for yourself.
I LOVE to come home because_______________.
I DREAD to come home because_______________.

How did you answer those questions?

Once you try to understand your emotions about home, you can begin to improve your emotional environment..

In our next segment, I will discuss several ways to improve the emotional stability of your home.

If you feel comfortable to put the words in the comments,
that you put in the blanks above,
you may find that seeing it in writing helps to start the path to change.

Change from despair

or good to better.

See you next time.

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