Little Light of Mine, Am I letting you shine?

How to be a ray of hope

Back in the days of my childhood…Oh “lemme” see…about 20 years ago or SO…


we sang the peppiest little song.

And if you’re not really really careful, it’ll get stuck right up in your head…

like a loop!…

or an earworm! YUCK (LOL)

“This Little Light of Mine”

This sweet version here, sung is such harmonic and soothing tones, doesn’t mention hiding your light under a basket.

But the version we sang way back then, had the phrase:

“Hide it under a basket? NO!!!” I’M GONNA LET IT SHINE!”

We sang with such exhuberance.

And when it came to the part about hiding our light under a basket, we’d scream to the tippy top of our little lungs,


Does anyone remember doing that?

NO? Surely it wasn’t just ME!

I’ll AaaalllMOST betcha that even the most stoic can’t sing this without swayin’ just a tad, or tappin’ your toes, or clappin’ your hands.

Can you? Just try!

Have you ever thought about how you let your light shine?

Three ways pop into my head immediately without even thinking about it.

I’m sure you’ve already thought of them too.

So this isn’t difficult. Is it?

1 be kind, 2 treat others the way you want to be treated, 3 share hope

Life is hard. There are hurdles and hardships. The next best choice isn’t always abundantly clear.

Emotions and relationships can be fragile and tender. Life can feel really messy and chaotic.

There can be darkness and shadows and questions.

When there is darkness and shadows, even the smallest flicker of light gives perspective and hope.

Five or six years ago, I wrote the blog post that is below the next picture. I found it recently and was surprised at how fitting it is for today, and so I am reposting it.

But just in case you’re tappin’ your toes and the phrases of this little light of mine are circling and circling in a loop…well,

you’re welcome!

It’ll remind you to light your corner!

Because to be just really frank and honest, there are times the light can feel like a dying ember.

am I right ????

It can seem that the flame is not offering much hope at all.

Keep making the next best choice and offering hope. Someone needs your light.

How to be a ray of hope
We’d spent the night at the farmhouse.
Morning dawned cold and dark.
I lit the candles on the table,
hoping to shatter the chill,
and bring comfort and cheer.
Pulling my phone from my pocket,
I decided to see what I could capture on my screen
by taking photos in the darkness.
The table had  Valentine décor
mixed in with the candles.
To my amazement
when I looked at the screen
after snapping a photo
on my phone,
I could see a ray of light extending
from the flame of the candle,
but when I looked at the candle,
lit on the table,
there was no beam of light visible
only a flickering candle flame.
Once again I looked at my phone screen,
and yes, there it was, the ray of light
extending from the candle.
It was only visible on the photo
of my phone screen.
Without the screen,
I couldn’t see the light.
Does it ever feel like your ray of light is lost in the darkness?
Does it feel like no one sees the hope you are trying to extending?
Do you fear the Peace you want to portray is just mixed up all in the messiness of life?
With the screen,
there I saw the beacon,
the ray,
dispelling the darkness
that shrouded the table décor.
I stood there for a few moments mesmerized.
Why would  my phone capture the ray of light?
Yet to my naked eye it wasn’t visible..
It’s easy to feel like our world is filled with darkness.
I suppose truly it is,
with bombings and shootings and hatred and selfishness,
People seeking their own way,
their own expression
self gratification
without regard to consequence
or pain.
And as we stand and peer into the world chaos
our hearts feel desperate
without hope.
BUT there
And we can be the agents of change.
We can be the beacon,
to dispel the darkness.
We can be change.
We can make right decisions.
We can show kindness.
We can speak truth.
We can seek Peace and pursue it.
We can lend a helping hand.
We can pray.
We can show love.
We can compliment others.
We can speak a soft word.
We can bring change.
When people cross the threshold of our home or are entertained in our presence,
I hope they see the Light.
This little light of mine.
I don’t want to do anything to hide it under a basket.
I am only one
and so are you.
If each one
to change
be changed
and make the next best choice
for good
then we will begin to see the Light,
shining in the darkness.
Shining HOPE and LOVE and PEACE.
I will be the change.
Will you?


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  1. So beautifully written!
    Yes, this little light of mine, I hope it gives out a spark of hope and encouragement.

    1. Thank you so much, Donnie! You are so encouraging with your prayers and encouragement for others.

  2. This is beautiful, Rachel! Thanks for the challenge to be a kind word, an extended hand, a shining light! May God help me to do my part to brighten my corner of the world. Love you!

    1. Thank you, Esther for your kind words. Yes! You are a shining light with your care and concern for others. Love you too.

    1. LOL! Danielle, that’s the worst! I hate having songs stuck in my head. Thank you for your kind words.

    1. Cindy, if everyone would this would be a different world! Thank you for your kind words.

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