Have You Ever Licked A Himalayan Salt Lamp

Everyone needs an Uncle Jerry. I was privileged to have only one. He was my husband’s mom’s sister’s husband…see, my Uncle Jerry. And so when I married Philip, I got him too. He was part of the amazing family package.

I don’t have a picture of his Himalayan Salt Lamp, but I do have this photo that I took of a really beautiful hot air balloon. He would like the fact that the photo is positioned sideways. He kept us laughing and so I chuckle as I leave this photo on its side in his memory. He was a jokester and a tease and he loved POP as in Soda…or diet pepsi.

He found out that Himalayan Salt Lamps, released healthy ions into the atmosphere. Once while on vacation, after hearing all the benefits, he excitedly purchased one. He was sure that by licking it, his health would improve. So he grabbed it up and pretended to lick his lamp…

That’s the way I remember the story…and I absolutely LOVE this fun memory in my mind.

After I had so many miscarriages, and started on a pursuit of improving my health and our family lifestyle through mindful wellness habits, the first thing I changed was the kind of salt we used. That was our first tiny change, manageable for our family. After reading mountains of data on the ill effects that traditional chemically produced salt has on our blood stream, I switched to Sea Salt. I had never heard of Himalayan Pink Salt at that time.

However, once I learned about the positive effects of Himalayan Pink Salt, I added that to our diet also. You don’t have to take my word for it. A simple google search will give you plenty of information about this powerful nutrient laden salt. You could start with this link if you are interested.

Uncle Jerry’s idea to lick his Himalayan Salt Lamp may not have been so far fetched after all. And I know he would love the photo of the sideways hot air balloon.

Have you ever licked a Himalayan Salt Lamp?


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  1. Actually yes I have and it is salty! Just don’t put it in water to clean it!
    We do keep trying to do healthy things to improve our lives. Keep trying the salt of life.

    1. Oh Donnie, that’s funny. I hadn’t thought about not putting it in water, but I guess it would melt. Yes, I’m so thankful for all the healthy things we have access to for our bodies.

  2. No, I have never even seen a Himalayan Salt lamp other than in ads. And I love the idea of using Himalayan pink salt, because it sounds gourmet. Confession: I like the look of gourmet, but I’m sort of lazy, so if I want the look of sea salt I haul out my kosher salt with the bigger crystals. Don’t tell anyone.
    I think I need an Uncle Jerry. For when I need to smile. Thank you for the picker upper!

    1. Dorothy, I buy Himalayan Pink Salt at Walmart, but I’m sure you could get it at any grocery store now that people are becoming more health conscious and requesting these types of things. Yes, Uncle Jerry kept us laughing. Every family needs one.

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