Going from: A Romantic Porch to Rachel Easley Going

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I am in the process of transferring it to this web address as of June 2017.

It’s still me.


Loving you, my faithful readers.

In 2007, my niece Karla, who has had a blog for like 14 years

or 100 maybe,

told me I needed a blog.

She set one up and sent me the message it was ready

and said, “Now blog!”

“It will be fun!” she said.

Well, or something like that.

At first I had a blog and a blog “boutique” where I sold stuff.

Remember that?

But life happened,

and blogging evolved,

and the design side of our business continued to grow

and people kept asking me for business cards

 and pictures of my work

and I knew I needed to update my “online presence”.

Karla who is extremely efficient, has been so busy,

and I have fumbled bumbled along,

and tried to not bother her TOO much

trying to create something new that speaks

to where life finds our family and our businesses today.

In 2014,  one of our sons traveled to Swaziland

and found another daughter for us to love.

She attends the same university that he did.

As a marketing major, she soon realized that

I could use help and she asked to use our

design business as her Senior Project.

So, I’ve been blessed with her help

and she’s brought fresh eyes

to the blog and website and online presence.

How could I be so fortunate?

A niece that said, “Here, now do this!”

And a future daughter, that said, “Oh yes, you can, and here’s how!”

So, today is kind of a milestone,

a blog anniversary of when I put my first post out there.

January 1, 2008.

I was encouraged by so many of you

to post that first post

and to just keep putting the words out there.

I never dreamed the opportunities that would

come about from this little tiny sphere.

I’m truly truly truly grateful to all of you who read,

on and on

you read

and encourage me

and you send me feedback.

Thank you so very much.

And I send thanks galore and bushels running over of gratitude

to Karla and Alyssa

for getting me to where I am today

with this blog/web adventure.

So yeah, the look has changed.

As we go along,

I will be adding more features for the ones

who come to me for design assistance.

But for the most part it’s still just gonna be me,


chatting about the random thoughts that swirl around in my head

and need a place to land.

And just me, Rachel, reminding myself and you too,

to live each day to the fullest,

to love deeply,

to worship sincerely,

and breath freely.


every person, every choice, every thought, every word. every action

it ALL matters.

And you matter to me.

Much love.

.~ Rachel

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