A Faux Rug for a Facelift

Have you ever used a faux rug for a facelift?

I did once…but not on MY face, though.

I drove through a storm the other day.  It was bright and sunshiny at home when I jumped in our big black Denali and turned the front wheels toward I 70  West. 

I scrolled on my phone with my thumb to get the navigator app to show me how long it would take to get to my destination. I was a little astonished when a solid red triangle popped up on the screen with a message that read: “A route to your destination cannot be located”.



I verified my address.  

I scrolled the screen with my thumb and clicked.

Again, the solid red triangle popped up on the screen with a message that read: “A route to your destination cannot be located”.

I repeated that process four times with the same results and then I did what I always do when I’m helpless…(haha), I called Philip.  Bless his precious and caring heart.  He ALWAYS rescues me. 

“Well, now that’s weird,” he said.

In my mind I could hear my mother’s voice from long ago, “Rachel, when there’s a will, there’s a way.”

So Philip found a way…and I proceeded.

I proceeded toward the bright flashes of lightening as they split the sky ahead. The dark tumultuous clouds churned against the brisk wind.  Before I knew it I was driving in rain that was blowing sideways, almost.

And then in just a New York minute, as quickly as I drove into the storm, I drove out of it.  There was no sign of rain or a storm anywhere. It was behind me.

As I drove, I thought about this neglected deck project from earlier in the summer. This deck looked a little sad and forgotten and forlorn. It needed to be spruced up on a budget, so by shopping their house and hitting the clearance rack at Big Lots and Walmart and just a teensy bit of creative effort, I was able to make their deck happy again!

Don’t you just love it when your projects turn out happy…after the sad and forgotten and forlorn?

After the storm…when the storm is behind you?

faux rug vinyl tablecloth

But y’all…that rug!!! That colorful, pineapple splattered rug…it’s a $4.00 vinyl tablecloth!!! Seriously! It’s just stapled right to the deck floor. Apparently everyone that sees it, loves it, and can’t believe it’s a vinyl tablecloth. It adds the perfect pop of color and ties the space together with a cozy summer vibe.

So that’s how I used a faux rug for a facelift…on a deck that is.

And that sad and forlorn and forgotten deck…well it reminded me of the yucky storm and the happy sunshiny day on the other side.

Yes, sometimes life it sunny and then a storm pops up outa nowhere…but there will be sun on the other side…just wait a New York minute…or a few.

Have you every used a faux rug for a facelift?


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  1. Very pretty and colorful. I would be cautious walking on the tablecloth/rug if it gets wet. It could be slippery.

    1. Francis, that is a great reminder. I hadn’t thought of that. It could be really slippery for sure!.

    1. Felicia, I’m so happy you found inspiration here! There are a lot of easy tricks like this to give a place some cheer.

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