One Way To Reset Resolutions


Remember the night you were watching Antiques Roadshow and you decided to reset some resolutions?

One by one the “treasure hopefuls” brought their wares to the antique curators.

And remember how they were full of eager anticipation to find the value of their keepsakes?

Oh good!! So you remember too! Come sit by me.

Let’s talk.

And remember that one sweet little lady with the wonderful southern drawl

who explained that her tall bronze clock was willed to her by her Fairy Godmother…

I mean…her Godmother.

She drawled that she really wanted to polish the old dull clock to a fine finish,

but the curator gasped and said how glad he was that she had left the marvelous patina alone.

And so she sighed and exclaimed that she was indeed glad that she hadn’t polished it either.

Sigh. Remember?

Yes, there they sat at the table draped in dark blue velvet. The tall bronze clock, a sculpture depicting Athena, the goddess of wisdom, stood between them. The workings of a clock were molded into her midsection. The “treasure hopeful” listened with anticipation as the antique curator droned on and on about the probable age and history and finally the estimated value of the bronze sculpture clock.

“And at auction,” the curator exclaimed, “I would expect this clock to bring an estimated value of $4500.00!”

“Well, that is just simply delightful!” the elderly “treasured hopeful” whispered.

I know. Right??
Simply delightful indeed.

And right then and there, I purposed with that delightful word to reset some resolutions!
I mean, didn’t you decide that too?
I decided right then and there I was going to change just one tiny little thing.

I decided that I was going to begin to describe things as being delightful.

delightful: causing delight; charming

So there I sat on the sofa as the theme music for the  episode of Antiques Roadshow faded away.

And I told Tiffany I was going to start using the word delightful more.

“Or how about using wonderful?” she quipped.

But delightful…just think of all the possibilities!

This just may be the number one way to reset resolutions.

As in:

It is so delightful that I can exercise today!

It is so delightful that I have a plate full of veggies to eat!

It is so delightful that the sun with rise in an hour and a half!

It is so delightful I am able to check off my To Do List.

It is so delightful to have clients to help today.

It is so delightful that I have a room full of keepsake items to organize.

Seriously, isn’t it amazing how fun your resolutions become when you reset them with the word delightful?

So try it.

Flip through your notebook and find your list from January 1st.

And right here, right now…on February 6th, do a reset…

…reset your resolutions.

Reword your list.

Hang it on the chalkboard by your back door, where you see it every time you come and go.

And look how much fun you will have checking off each delightful item.

Let me know how it goes.

And next year, those reset resolutions may just be worth $4500.00.

Isn’t that simply delightful?


Thank you so much for all your kind words and sharing this post and subscribing to this blog.  You are my peeps and I find you to be simply delightful!

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    1. Yes!!! Isn’t it weird how changing that one word makes a difference?? Thank you so much for dropping by!!

  1. It is most delightful knowing you and that you are my sister! It is a delight to read your blog with all you thoughts and insight into life…….simply delightful !

    1. Yes!! Keith, I’ve been using that word this week when appropriate and it does help to change the perspective of what you are saying. As in: you are truly a delightful brother!

    1. Oh Karen! I am delighted that you would stop by and read my blog AND take time to leave a comment. Thank you for your kind words.

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