Things Won’t Always Be This Way – what will be remembered

So exactly three weeks ago at this very moment,

well, at this very moment if you are reading this at 9 a.m. on Wednesday…

we were riding the ferry across the moat to the Magic Kingdom in Disney World.

Standing imposingly in the distance,

the magnificent castle seemed to harken,

“Come hither, come hither, dear ones. Adventure awaits!!”

After the ferry was secured at the dock, we quickly shuffled off the deck,

and with the masses

swarmed through the gates to Main Street, USA!

Oh the perfection,

and the  beauty,

and the flowers and festive décor.

The balloon man dressed in a striped vest, crisp bow tie and knickers with long socks and polished shoes strolled along as helium filled balloons floated just above his slouching hat. Well, that’s how I “saw” him at least!

My heart soared with joy at the sight of a see-through orb that cocooned a “Mickey” shaped balloon.  I felt like a child again. I think.

A large  and very patient black horse, who’s coat shimmered in the sunlight pulled a trolley. The horse’s toenails (or is that hooves?) drenched in glitter, glistened as he pranced in time to the music. Singers and dancers  jumped to and fro from the trolley to the street. Each beautiful girl sang and twirled about swirling their ruffled skirts as they were held steady on the arm of an impeccably dressed man.

They sang and they sang.

They danced and they danced.

And as sweat drizzled from the brim of their hats and slid down their temples,

I really and truly felt


at the Magic Kingdom.

I began to look about.

To take in my surroundings.

Every porch rail and light post shimmered in the October morning sunshine.

The flowers and hedge bushes so carefully groomed fluttered in the breeze.

There we stood in awe.

The train and station behind us and the whole Magic Kingdom stood before.

Not a single piece of trash caught my eye.

Trash cans that completely concealed their internal refuse

where polished to perfection.

Not a smudge of dirt or stickiness was evident.

Custodians dressed in crisp white uniforms carried a small broom and dust pan at the end of a long handle.

If a piece of trash would happen to flutter to the street, they quickly whisked it into the pan and moved along.

After depositing our daughter at a predetermined location,

we strolled along,

shoulder to shoulder,

hand in hand,

just truly in awe of what we were seeing.

Our WHOLE purpose for being there:

Greenfield Central Cougar Pride Marching Band

was scheduled to march in the “pre-parade”

right down “Main Street, USA”.

You know… the parade that happens before the Disney Princess parade?

Yeah, that one.

So there we were,

admiring and exclaiming

and walking and people watching

and making sure that

we had a great position on the parade route

for parade watching…

AND to catch a glimpse of our special girl,

stepping high,

marching in time,

trilling the notes on her clarinet.

It was marvelous and exciting.

And as Philip and I are prone to do when we have a chance to talk and think,

we began to ponder and discuss the vision of one man.

Walt Disney.

I’ve read about him.

He died a few years before Walt Disney World opened.

But if what I read is correct, he had designed it and planned it.

He had a vision.

He had a plan.

He had a dream and a desire in place and it was so solid that even after his death,

his mission went on.

And now, 51 years after his death, there we stood, hand in hand discussing his legacy.

There are probably few people who have had as much lasting impact on current pop culture

as Walt Disney…

…even after his death.

I mean look at this place.

This place called Disney World, Magic Kingdom…

a place where dreams come true…

the happiest place on earth…

they say.

But of course, though I am drawn to things that speak of detail and cleanliness and order and beauty,

my thoughts began to turn inward.

“What will be MY legacy?” I pondered.

Are my dreams and goals and sights set so high and so clearly defined

that 51 years after my death, those who knew me and hear of my life will still be impacted by my influence?

These thoughts and ponderings are not flippant ones.

I take the impact of moment by moment by moment choices, words, decisions and attitudes seriously.

Because I believe that the essence of a life well lived is found right there in those moments.

Yes, found right there smack in the middle of our daily moments of decision and purpose.

Moments of good choices, or not very good choices, or nonchalant choices or knowingly very unwise choices.

I think sometimes we are waiting for our ship to come in

or our dream job to fall in our lap

or our relationships to all fall in order

or our new house to be built

or to get a new boss

or our kids to leave home and finish college.

I dunno…just waiting…waiting to start life…

to live with purpose…

and all the while the precious moments are ticking away.

Early yesterday morning, as I was making our bed, smoothing the covers, positioning the pillows,

my mind flashed back to a particularly dark time recently. As I held our daughter who sobbed in my arms,

I said, “Things won’t always be this way, ‘cuz we’re just gonna keep right on makin’ good choices and keep  doin’ the next right thing in the next moment. This next moment is all we know we have, so we’re gonna use it well. We’re gonna use this moment wisely. And I believe we will look back and see that it’s not always gonna be this way.”

So as I smoothed the last cover and poofed the pillow sham, I could sense deep inside, that those things that were bringing pain and difficulty weren’t quite as sharp right now.

So I’ll just keep doing the next right thing.

I’m going to keep letting my light shine.

And take each and every one of you along 

as we add a little extra to the ordinary day.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind comments and sharing these blog posts.  I am humbled and honored by your kindness. You truly do add extra to ordinary and joy to the journey. I love to surround myself with positive life changers just like you.
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Together, you and I, we can make a difference.

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  1. WOW ! I didn’t know they got to go to Disney World. How fun you all went.
    What thoughtful insight you have. I too hope I leave a good and encouraging influence.

    1. It was a wonderful trip, Donnie. Thank you so much for your kind words. You do have an encouraging influence and I appreciate you. Thank you for being an encourager to me. xx rachel

  2. Rachel what a beautiful event in your life and you have a great gift to be able to put it in an amazing post for all to enjoy I am always inspired by your wonderful writings Keith

    1. Keith, Thank you so much. I am proud you are my brother. YOU inspire me to be a better person. Thank you for your kind words. xx rachel

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