When The Ferns Spoke to Me and 3 Ways to Kick Cabin Fever

Lemon Button FernLast Fall, two ferns spoke to me.

Have you had that happen?

I know right? It’s awesome! Isn’t it?

I was at the garden center and found them on clearance for $3.24 each.

They were gorgeous. I mean, not a blemish.

They looked ready for Joanna Gaines , from Fixer Upper, to come scoop them off their precious little feet and position them with distinct flair beside a glass bottle on a gray marble countertop in some darling homeowner’s dream kitchen.

But I digress…these ferns were talking to ME!

ONLY me, folks!

Now I love ferns.

I just love ferns in general with their feathery green textures…

but these were like none I’d ever seen before.

I snatched them up so fast their little fronds quivered.

They were absolutely begging me to take them home.

I’m certain I could hear them say, “Please, please please!”

I didn’t even have to ask them why they wanted to go.

It was just this unspoken thing between us…

you know…the ferns and me…
and I knew they’d be glorious in a specific spot I had chosen for them.

Violins played and angels sang as I thought about how I would arrange them…

after all,

don’t you have a sound track that plays along with your story?

When I got home, I set them down and arranged them just so-so and fluffed their fronds and watered them and loved them.

And they turned brown and shed their little button petals in a manner that would make even the strongest and most confident housewife, weep.

And their fronds got all crispy.

So my sister in law upon hearing my sad and sorrowful tale of fern woe said, “Bring them to me and I’ll see what I can do with them.”

Because y’all, she and plants, they just have this thing.  They listen to her and do what she says and it all turns out really pretty.

And she loved them and coached them to green up and shine.

One day she told me the garden center had gotten some little ferns like the big ones she was trying to revive for me.

So next chance I had, I dropped by the garden center and sure enough there was one tiny precious little Lemon Button Fern all left over and lonesome by itself. It did look a little bedraggled and worse for the wear but I didn’t care.

I snatched it up so fast its little fronds quivered.

And I  took it home.

I’m pretty sure it was also begging me to go.

One morning, recently, when it was cold and snowy and dreary and my heart felt heavy, I looked through the window where I had the little fern on the window sill.

I’m sure it spoke to me.

Maybe in a quiet and hushed tone,

but nevertheless, it said, “Spring is in the air!”

I don’t know why I was so caught off guard its loveliness

and its tiny green voice speaking cheer.

I felt my eyes sparkle as I looked at it.

In that moment I realized,

once again,

how important it is to have cheery comforts

around your home and work space. 

Spring is definitely in the air…
never mind that it feels like 9 degrees

and the sun can’t decide to shine

or the sky grow overcast and snow.

But just go look for a talking fern instead!

And in case you are short on spirit and needing to kick cabin fever to the curb, I’ll leave you with this:

3 Ways to Kick Cabin Fever

  1.  Pick up a small plant, succulent or African violet from the garden center to set in a window sill or on your bedside table.
  2. Look on Pinterest for ideas and then design a container garden.  As soon as the weather permits, set it by your front door.
  3.  Make a slushy in your blender using ice, lemonade and fresh strawberries.  As you sip the yummy slushiness, dream about a hot summer day road trip.


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    1. Yes Linda! When I walk into a place with flowers and plants, the sky becomes the limit. I just want to take it all and brighten life up. I am glad you were inspired by your visit here and I will enjoy you dropping by again. xo

  1. Oh Rachael! You’ve done it again! I smiled while reading every inspiring word! The Lord always uses you, your words and beautiful pics to lift me up and make me smile! ?
    I love ferns and I too fairly recently had a little button fern and a larger birds nest fern speak to me and came to live with me. They are not yet in a delicate spot as yours but are being patient with me as they wait excitedly for me to crest a special place. But right now they smile at me and make me smile back as I pass by them everyday in the sunlight in my dining room. I sometimes gentle hug them with a gentle touch to tell them they are beautiful and loved❣ They are so green and happy…I just pray I can keep them that way! ?

    1. Judy, I am so very glad that you got a couple little green plants to cheer up your spaces. It really does make a difference doesn’t it? Thank you so much for your kind words to me. I so appreciate your encouragement. xo

    1. Donnie, you have such a wonderful way with plants. Yours always look so pretty. I wish you lived near me and I could give you this one. xo

  2. There’s nothing like bringing a bit of Spring into your home 🙂 I love ferns too and have some by the front door.


    1. Oh Rue!! Really! Can you already put ferns out?? It is still so very cold here. In February it was warmer and things started to bloom, but then the cold settled back in and things froze. xo

  3. Next trip to Walmart, I will pay closer attention to the leftover plants on clearance. I hope I hear some talking to me.
    Beautifully written, Rachel. I love your posts.

    1. Leslie, Our Walmart, puts the best plants on clearance!!! I absolutely love to just go look, even if I don’t buy anything. Thank you for dropping by. I appreciate your kind words. I hope you are enjoying Spring weather. We aren’t yet! xo

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