Games We Play and Other Things

Remember when you played UNO every single night, while you ate supper…

the game went on and on

around and around the table

night after night

month after month.

It was glorious family fun!

And you have absolutely no have no idea who won that series.

I get it.

I relate!

It takes a village to play UNO…effectively.

But when Timberdoodle gave me the opportunity to receive a Chroma Cube game in exchange for my honest review, I jumped at the chance…I almost ran in circles around the table in anticipation of the family fun …or not.

Chroma cube is a game you can play in a group or alone. It is a game of logic. Since our family enjoys puzzles and games of logic, I knew it would be a great fit to have in our home. As an added plus, it is pretty sitting out on the end table.

It is packaged in a nice and sturdy box with wood pieces that are situated in little compartments on a wood tray. At one end of the box is a small “drawer” that holds 25 sturdy flash cards . On the cards are clues as to how the colored blocks should be arranged. Each card is a progressively more difficult equation. Our teenage daughter looked through the cards and exclaimed, “Hey this uses math!” So yes, it is a game of logic, but fun for all ages who enjoy the challenge of puzzles involving logic.

In my opinion, it would make a great gift for any occasion.

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